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Y/N: Hey, everyone! Happy Diwali! 🪔

Friend 1: Y/N, you look amazing in your traditional attire! Happy Diwali to you too!

Friend 2: Absolutely! Your outfit is stunning. Wishing you a Diwali filled with joy and light.

Y/N: Thank you so much, both of you! I hope you have a wonderful Diwali too, filled with love and laughter. I’m off to spend time with my family now, but let’s catch up soon. Take care, and enjoy the festivities!

You are a makeup artist, immersed in the enchanting world of K-pop, where artistry meets music. That is where you meat V, the men who you love, he is an kpop artist and you two eventually fell in love👉👈❤. But you came home(india) because of diwali festival to celebrate it with your parents and also want to tell them about you and your boyfriend

Y/N: I wish he was with me, but sadly he is a busy person.

Y/N’s mom: Y/N come let’s eat dinner, I have made your favorite dish “kheer”, enjoy it 👌ok.

Y/N: mummy, papa before this I want to tell you about something.

Y/N father: okey, what you want to tell us about?

Y/N: well, I… I have…

Y/N father: yess…?!

Y/N: I have a…

Y/N’s mom: let me see, who is here.

Y/N’s mom opens the door and saw a handsome tall men standing in front of her with gifts In his hand.

Y/N’s mom: who??

V: Namaste, I am V. Does Y/N lives here??

Y/N’s mom: who are you and what do you want from my daughter 🧐?

V: I am her boyfriend…

Y/N’s mom: (shocked) Y/N’s father come here, our son in law is here.! (Screaming)

Y/N’s father: ❓what

Y/N: son in law🤨

V is sitting beside Y/N and opposite to her parents..

Y/N’s father: so what do you do??

V: I am kpop artist

Y/N’s father: An artist, how much do you earn?

Y/N: father…😑🙁

Y/N’s father: aaahaa, let me talk to him

V: well, it up to me but approx, I earn upto 2 million dollars

Y/N’s father: a year, you have a descnt salary.

V: oh, but I was talking about a month.

Y/N’s father: what ??

He Looked at you to confirm if he telling truth, and you nodded. Your mother came and serve “kheer”…

Y/N’s mother: well, I already taken you as my son-in-low. now, try this and tell me do you like it?

V take a bite of some “kheer”.

V: hmmm, it’s taste like pudding, it’s really good👍😇.

Y/N’s mother: now that you are here let’s enjoy this festival together🌟🪔

Y/N’s father: well, I think you are suitable candidate for my daughter so I approve it.

Y/N: ahhh, thank you🙏💕 papa…

V and You enjoy your first diwali together

It’s V first time see how Hindu celebrate their festival, which was so marvelous that remind him of his family..

He was enchanted by the happy expression of all people and Y/N’s which was beautiful to him, he came closer to you

V: hey, do you know where washroom is??

Y/N: oh, it’s on the ground floor.

Y/N mother: well, let him use washroom of your room, it’s closer.

Y/N: okey mom. come let me take you there.

In the dim glow of the room’s soft lighting, you led V towards your washroom, your footsteps quiet on the plush carpet. You gestured towards the elegant en-suite,

Y/N: here’s the washroom, feel free to use it.

V smiled appreciatively, but his eyes held a different intention.

V: Thank you yn. but you know, I wasn’t really looking for the washroom. I was hoping for a moment alone with you.

Yours heart skipped a beat, realizing his true purpose. You felt a mix of excitement and nervousness as you met his gaze.

Y/N: Oh What do you need, then?

V took a step closer, his eyes never leaving yours.

V: I just wanted to tell you how incredibly beautiful you look tonight

“This lehenga.. suits you perfectly🔥”

You’re absolutely stunning.

A blush crept up on your cheeks, and you looked down, momentarily shy under his gaze.

Y/N: Thank you, You said your voice soft

V reached out, gently lifting your chin with his finger, his touch sending shivers down your spine.

he murmured, his eyes locked onto yours.

V: I’ve admired you from afar for so long. Yn Tonight, I couldn’t resist the chance to be close to you.

Y/N: but, what about my mummy and papa

V: don’t worry it will be quick

Your breath caught in his throat, feeling a mix of emotions swirling inside you.

You don’t know what to say, You admitted, your heart racing.

V smiled, his thumb brushing against your cheek.

V: “You don’t have to say anything” Just know that I’m here, and I can’t resist it.

Their eyes remained locked, the unspoken connection between both of you growing stronger with each passing moment, as they stood in the quiet intimacy of yours room.

V: yn you look beautiful. I want to make love to you tonight.

Your heart skips a beat, your mind racing, you don’t know what to say.

Giving you the sensation he moves his l!p upward towards your lips. Your one hand grab his shoulder while other grab his coller. After breaking the kiss he looks at you.

V: I love you yn

you feel yourself blush and he smiles.

y/n: I love you too. you said nervously

He take your hands in his, he kisses each one, then looks into your eyes.

Your breath caught in your throat as V pushed you against the wall, his bodies inches away he kis*ed you all of sudden as you’re lost looking at me

A smirk played on V lips as he saw you how schocked you get. you can feel his body passing you you got out of bearth he saw that and left you you start to catch some air, after getting air you start to look at him angrily

Y/N: why did you kiss me all of a sudden, I told you many times to not do like that you always made me out of bearth what if I’ll die while kissing you

V: don’t you think it will be the best way to die while kissing me, every girl dream to kiss me but you’re getting that chance

Y/N: Mr Kim taehyung uff V I know you’re fan girl’s can die for you but don’t I fly to high. if they know what kind of pervert person you’re I’m sure they will stop dieing for you

V: ohh ms yn my fan girl’s love me a lot they will never leave even after knowing how wild I am

Y/N: I know ‘you mumble’ whatever now let’s go and and dad must be waiting for us

V: nop untill you you kiss me😏

Y/N: no I will not kiss you😑

V: than let me have you

Y/N: are you mad we are at my parents house and you want to do shameless things here

V: they accept me as there son in law soo if I do shameless things I don’t think they will get mad

Y/N: yeah they will not but they will kick me and you out off the house for sure

V: oops that’s bad than I’ll take you to my house and we will continue there

Y/N: Stop all this nonsense and let’s go my mom and dad are waiting for us

V: no I won’t go until you kiss me

Y/N: fine

than you both share a beautiful and romantic kiss together

Y/N’s father: Where are they? Why they are taking time.

Y/N’s mother: Relax, dear. They’re together, just give them some time alone.

Y/N’s Father looks puzzled but trusts his wife. He hesitates for a moment before finally nodding, accepting her words. They share a glance before he sighs and exits the room.

After sometime y/n and v come and greet her parents again and then went to the roof top.

Under the soft glow of colorful paper lanterns and twinkling fairy lights, you and V stand together. Your hand is entwined with V’s, and both of you wear bright smiles on your faces.

Y/N (grinning): I can’t believe we pulled it off! He actually bought it!

V (in awe): This is incredible, Y/N. Experiencing this festival with you, it’s the best moment of my life.

You both share a tender moment, looking into each other’s eyes, appreciating the connection between you both. The air is filled with the scent of incense and the sound of laughter and joy from nearby celebrations.

Y/N (playfully): I think my dad liked you. He didn’t suspect a thing.

V (grinning back): Your mom is amazing too, for covering for us. I’m so lucky to have you and your family in my life.

You both gaze at the Diwali fireworks lighting up the night sky, your hearts full of love and contentment. In this moment, surrounded by the warmth of tradition and the glow of your love as you find happiness in each other’s arms.

[The end]

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